Thursday, April 15, 2010


Time is going by so fast, I can't believe we've been in the house for 2 weeks already! We really love having our own space but there seems to be too much space, after our small place in Belfast and our tiny nook at the in-laws....we are just uneasy with all this room. We usually all end up together in one room all night because we get lonely. lol

The weather has warmed up a little so Alex and I have been walking a lot around town. We go to the grocery store each day to find marked down meat and veggies (and a "lolly" for Alex - he still uses the UK term for popsicles), we can walk to the park or to the in-laws, and he loves to go to the hardware store to get a free bag of popcorn.

Today we had an almost tragic event though....his beloved buggy broke! This is the buggy my mom and I found for him the day after I moved to N. Ireland. Alex had never been in a stroller before as I had always worn him but he was 2 and getting heavy and as we had no car there I knew we'd need one. I guess because he had never been in one it was this new, fun experience for him and he just adored his buggy so of course we brought it with us when we moved back to the states. But after over two years of constant use (we bought it used) was starting to wear out. I found him a nicer stroller at a yard sale here but he refused to use it "No! I want MY BUGGY!".

Today he sat in the buggy collapsed! 'Ahhhhhh! MY BUGGY OH NO!"

I looked it over and saw that one of the screws had broken in half ( is that even possible?). So I told him we could walk it to the hardware store and see if they could fix it. "An get popcorn mommy?!" lol
 They were able to replace the bolt/screw thingy for....$0.14 and a bag of popcorn. Can't beat that! Alex now thinks the hardware store is the best place ever. The whole time they were trying to find the right size screw he was petting his buggy and saying "All better, don't worry we fix you."

The older kids will be home in a minute and we are going to make monkey bread. Both Jason and I have been craving it without knowing why because I've never made it before (I think my mom might have made something like it but called it sticky buns or something) and he hadn't had it since he was a kid. Then we figured it out...there is a recipe for it on one of our wall calendars this month. LOL Subliminal messaging works well on us it seems. So Alex and I got the stuff to make it at the store today. It's also taco night so we can't wait, yum!

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