Sunday, April 25, 2010

No time

There are always posts in the back of my mind but I just never find the time to sit down and type them out. The days run together without ceasing, I fall into bed exhausted each night without waking a single time before morning - a rarity for me.

Weekdays are up at 7 to make breakfast for Jason and the kids, shoo them off to work/school with hugs and lunches, Alex and I play, teach, walks, fix up the house, dishes, phone calls, errands, paperwork sing, laugh, romp outside, dance, eat, laundry, menu, groceries, dishes, paint, blow bubbles, scrub, clean, snacks for Jason and the kids who get home around 3:30. The walks to the park, teaching Rebecca to bake, watching movies with Jarod, homework, art projects, workout at the gym, decide which piece of furniture to repaint next, fix supper, eat around the table, cleanup, baths, storybooks, hide and seek, preparing next days lunches, bedtime for kids at 9:30, an hour or so for Jason and I to talk/snuggle/watch a show before I pass out before 11 like an old woman. :-P

Weekends are yard sales, thrift stores, bargain hunting, redoing furniture, researching how to repaint or fix up an old piece, any errands that require the car since Jason is off work so I can drive, kids to the library, Alex to playgroup, community events....

Loving every minute of it. So nice to be a whole family, all on the same schedule for once, with our own space.

But...that doesn't leave me much time to update everyone else.

For now though - that's ok.

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