Friday, March 19, 2010


Yes, it's true...after 5 years over at livejournal I've finally decided to make the big switch over to blogger. I know you're in shock but I hope you'll still stick around as I try to get used to the new setup.

I won't be blogging quite as much now that I'm working again, going to the gym everyday, running around outside with Alex, and trying to find us a new home but I'll try to post the highlights.

The big news right now is that the snow has all melted! After months and months and months of seeing nothing but's so weird to see the ground! Granted everything is one large mud puddle but at least we can go outside more. Alex has been loving his sandbox and jumping in puddles.

 Of course everyone tells us not to get too excited because more snow will come, but we'll just enjoy it while it lasts. At first we were annoyed by the mud, it gets everywhere and in everything but we're learning how to deal with it. Seems like there it a lot of "yuck" in each season here...winters are cold and harsh, spring is one large mud swamp, and summer is full of swarms of mosquitoes. Weee.

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