Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The house is all ours on Thursday!
The kids think we are joking because that's on April 1st. haha
"Sorry kids, just kidding. We don't really have a house. You don't get your own room and a huge basement. hahaha April Fools!" (Like we would be that mean...) (Actually it's a great idea....I wonder if we could still pull it off...)

I called all the utility companies today and good news...in MN there are no deposits!! I was so shocked as in AR you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get things turned on. Guess there are some good things here. (Joking...only joking. I know there are pros to go along with the cons, as in any state. But the cold man...the cold. It's so harsh.)

Saturday we went to the Spring Carnival at the kids school and had a great time! The whole school was set up with games and booths, Rebecca went off by herself, Jason took Jarod around, and I took Alex. I saw Rebecca every once in a while...with a snow cone....with cotton candy....winning at the cakewalk 3 different times. lol Jarod wasn't really into the games so he spent most of his time jumping in the bouncy castle with one of his friends, at one point he came up like this and said he had broke his arm jumping.

Relax. Turns out the nurse was letting the kids have fake owies. :-P

Alex had a ball! He just loved the whole concept and played every.single.game....twice! He would walk up, hand them his ticket, listen as they showed him how to play, try his hardest, and proudly collect his prize! He was so cute. Until he screamed when it was time to go...

 I'll probably take photos of the empty house on Thursday for ya all. I'm looking forward to finding items to go inside, have huge plans for fixing up old junk I've been collecting off freecycle. (And lots of non-junk items too because freecycle rocks! The nicest people I've ever met were on freecycle..all over the world! I need to write a book about it...) I've been reading upcycle blogs like crazy! Jason really thinks I'm going insane as I shout "Hey look you can take a door and turn it into a cool table! Ohh and old ladders make great book shelves! And did you know there is such a thing as blackboard paint? You can turn any surface into a chalkboard! A chalkboard Jason! Chalkboard dressers, chalkboard cabinets, chalkboard walls! Are you sleeping? Why? Why aren't you excited about blackboard paint at 3am like I am?! " :-P

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  1. Duh, thought you hadnt been blogging because I didnt get any notifications - but then I seen your FB and remembered that you had changed to here....But I'm all up to date now!


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