Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheap Hat

I will be trying to do a lot more of my cheap thrifty posts, because all my life getting good deals has always made me happy and I know it makes you happy too.

Most of everything I own I've found at second hand stores because I feel like if I'm buying something that the first owner doesn't want...I'm keeping items out of the landfills and boycotting consumerism a tiny bit. However, if I find a good enough deal on a new item...saving a lot of money sometimes takes first priority. :-P

Today I took Rebecca and her BFF to Clarie's so they could get their ears pierced. *sniff sniff* Every time I turn around she's aged about 3 years, I need a child remote with a pause button.

While we were browsing the items I saw there was a clearance rack and of course made a beeline straight for it. Most of the items were not of use to me seeing as how I'm so totally lame drab classic and don't wear a lot of jewelry, make-up, or accessories but stuck in the back I did see a pretty hat. Now, I've never worn a hat unless it was one for cold but for some reason I just loved it, reminded me of a hat from the 1920's.

Since it was marked down from $34 to $2...I bought it! AND even wore it for the rest of the day without feeling like a fool, so it's a keeper. :-P
Plus it matches my favorite pair of boots. 

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  1. Like the Hat and LOVE blogspot- Glad your here :)


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