Thursday, March 25, 2010

We found a house!

We've been trying to find a house here for months but there are just not very many for rent in this area for some reason. We really wanted to live in the big town (8000 population) but could not find one in our price range, rent is hundreds of dollars more there.

So when I saw in the paper that there was a 4 bedroom house up for rent in our tiny town (population of 900) we decided to go check it out. We loved the house but hated the location. It's smack dab in the middle of the commercial part of town, it's weird. Beside it is the grocery store, across the street is the high school, and on the other side is the veteran's pub. However the 4 large bedrooms, big living room, spacious dinning room, and massive finished basement pleased us. Oh and the gym I go to is 2 steps away! The kids are already planning how they are going to turn the basement into a huge play area. lol

Cons are the location, no bathtub, and small yard.

But we will be able to walk to the store and the post office and any other place in know since we will live in the very middle of it all. And the kids are happy they get to stay in the same school. Rebecca has made a BFF here so didn't want to move and we really didn't want to switch Jarod to a different school because he's doing such an amazing job here. Plus the big town is still close by to drive to for events and such.

But I can't believe we'll be officially living in tinytown...tiny tiny tiny town.

Oh and my car insurance called me today...I am out of time and have to switch my AR driver's license over to a MN one, I've been putting it off for two reasons.

1. To do so I have to take a written driving test. Blah.
2. It's so official...if I have a MN license it means I really am a permanent resident here. As long as I have my AR one I can pretend I'm just visiting.

Now...I just have to come up with some furniture and stuff to put in the house since we have NOTHING!  (Gave everything away 2 years ago when we moved overseas.) The house has a shed with windows so I'm going to find items that people don't want, fix them up in my shed, repaint them, make them pretty, and put them back to use in our house. It's kinda fun starting over!

And yes, if I turn out to be any good at redoing furniture...I'll blog each item as I go. lol

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