Sunday, January 3, 2010

True Vintage

While I was in Arkansas my mother gave me my great-grandma's petticoat! She hand sewed it herself, it's breathtaking.

Admit it. You're so jealous.


It actually fits me perfectly though I'm afraid to wear it because it has lots of worn spots that could tear if I lean over too far. I think I can reinforce them though. It's also pretty dingy...more grayish than white but if I was going to start wearing it I'd consider dying it, a light purple perhaps.

As I mentioned it fits perfect as a hip skirt but I was also looking around online for ideas and came across a fashion site where chicks were wearing old slips as dresses by cinching them under the chest area and adding leggings and high heels.

I played around with that idea. Not sure of what occasion would warrant such an outfit but was fun nonetheless.

 The necklace is a piece of my grandma's costume jewelry.

Wonder if my great-grandkids will ever wear anything of mine? I better hang onto my tie dye...:-P

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